This is the blog of Chris Phelps. I've been a software engineer for nearly 20 years, mainly focused on the JVM. I started Java in the earliest days of the platform, and over the last few years have started to work with Scala and other languages. I've also started to explore, both professionally and personally, topics such as functional programming, concurrency, and microservices and other distributed computing paradigms.


Sutemi is a concept from the Japanese martial art of kendo. In that art, it means to have a state of total commitment, focusing only on the attack, without fear of the consequences. I want to have this sense of focus and determination in my work, striving for success and trying to deliver technically excellent results. I try to commit myself to learning and improvement with this sense of sutemi.

Contact me

Email: cjphelp@gmail.com
Twitter: @CJPhelps


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